Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rating System!

Hey Guys!
Okay, so I came up with a rating system for my reviews on products:

Packaging /10
Product /25
Value /10
Ease of Use /5

So the whole thing is out of 50! I will be giving it a percent probably our of 100%. but if you need letter grades here you go. :P

under 50 = F
50-59 = D
60-69 = C
70-79 = B

Those ranges do included the - and + but I am not sure of those at the moment. :)

Any questions let me know!!! anything you might want to add, also let me know!! :)

-Caitlin xoxox

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Blog Coming Soon!!

Hey Guys! Oh man it has been forever!
While I am writing this blog because I have decided to do something new with my blog since I don't update it enough :P

I am going to make it a REVIEW BLOG! 
So basically, I am going to review every product I get and I will make up a rating system for it. :)
Although, I haven't done that yet. :) But I will soon. I just came up with the idea so :P

I have made a list of products I already want to review so keep a look out for them :)
I will post on my twitter when I post a new review so follow me there if you aren't already. And if i really like the product, I will go out and buy another one and do a GIVEAWAY! 

I am hoping eventually when I get enough subscribers on my youtube, enough followers on here and twitter I can do a giveaway every month with the best products of that month or something! :)

Good Idea? Let me know! :)

-Caitlin xoxo

PS. I am at:
480 subscribers on youtube (giveaway at 1000)
38 followers on twitter
7 followers on my blog


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I hate my hair.! :(

Okay so... I am sitting on the floor at my dads doing my hair in front of my mirror. And it is really pissing me off. :P

No matter how much i take care of it. it does not grow. which means if i want long hair i need to spend $100 + on hair extensions. (which i have ordered and are on their way home soon!) and we are not all rich enough to get fusion hair extensions every 4 months like some people... 

it also gets tangly every 2 seconds. no joke. i brush it. and go to brush it again 2 seconds later and it has knots in it again. :(
it is very fine. and has absolutely NO volume in it. :(

my hair isnt too curly or anything. but it isnt perfectly straight and sometimes i wish it was. so i could just wake up and go.
when i get my extensions (clip in by the way) i might just put them in the night before and hope that they look okay in the morning hehe.  might make me feel like it is natural!

But.. that is all. :)
just wanted to vent about my hair. :D

Anyone else hate their hair? comment below!!! :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

What I Am Thinking... :D

Hey Guys! So for a while now I have wanted to do a make up artist certification program. But the only thing is... it is almost $1500. That is a lottttt of money. I have been too scared to ask my mom about it though. So since I am at my dads tonight I will email her all the details tomorrow and ask. :)

Also, ever since I was like 14, people have been telling me to model. And I don't like being in front of crowds so modelling on a stage is not for me buttt modelling in pictures might be fun. So at the same place they have the certification program, you can apply to be a model. So I might do that too. I just have to send in some pictures of myself and measurements. :D

If you are wondering why I have decided to do all of this at once, it is because me and my boyfriend have recently split up after a year and a half of being together and I think right now I just need to focus on myself. I would love to get the certification so I can work at MAC or a place like that while I go to school. I think that would be amazing. And I do think being a model is a good idea for me but have never had the nerve to do it. So now that I am focusing on myself, I think now is a good time. :)

Next year is my last year of high school, I do not plan to go back because I would like to be a veterinarian and that is 8 more years of school! yahooo! haha
so I really need to focus on my school work and basically myself like I have already said. For the longest time I was letting the break up bring me down and I was holding on to him for no reason. He actually broke up with me for another girl and is now dating her. So I can't hold on to him and hey! if another guy comes around and I end up really liking him, cool..! But for now it is all about me and of course... youtube! haha. 

I love all of my subscribers very very much. you guys make me want to stick in there and keep going! and I will continue to do youtube even when I get super busy.! guess I will just have to tell my mom so I can film when she is home. hehe.
that will come eventually too. :)

But for now... I will stick to asking about the certification program and modelling. haha

Thank you guys soooooooo much.
Talk to you soon!!!!



Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hey guys! I am sooooooo sorry I have not been writing on my blog! I completely forgot about it.! :(

I have been busy catching up on friends ahaha since we didnt hang out like all of july. :(
I went to the beach and stuff. :D

one more thing... me and my boyfriend broke up after a year and a half. :( but oh well.
time to find a new guy! hehe.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day at the Vet: June 29

Hey Guys! So today was my second day at the vet and nothing really happened. :( and old dog came in and is now getting tests and a really skinny cat came in and is also getting tests. The puppy that got spayed yesterday went home. :( And then through out the day there were a couple normal appointments. :P

Really boring update but like i said these are for me to reference too and are a quick read for you guys! :)