Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I hate my hair.! :(

Okay so... I am sitting on the floor at my dads doing my hair in front of my mirror. And it is really pissing me off. :P

No matter how much i take care of it. it does not grow. which means if i want long hair i need to spend $100 + on hair extensions. (which i have ordered and are on their way home soon!) and we are not all rich enough to get fusion hair extensions every 4 months like some people... 

it also gets tangly every 2 seconds. no joke. i brush it. and go to brush it again 2 seconds later and it has knots in it again. :(
it is very fine. and has absolutely NO volume in it. :(

my hair isnt too curly or anything. but it isnt perfectly straight and sometimes i wish it was. so i could just wake up and go.
when i get my extensions (clip in by the way) i might just put them in the night before and hope that they look okay in the morning hehe.  might make me feel like it is natural!

But.. that is all. :)
just wanted to vent about my hair. :D

Anyone else hate their hair? comment below!!! :)