Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rating System!

Hey Guys!
Okay, so I came up with a rating system for my reviews on products:

Packaging /10
Product /25
Value /10
Ease of Use /5

So the whole thing is out of 50! I will be giving it a percent probably our of 100%. but if you need letter grades here you go. :P

under 50 = F
50-59 = D
60-69 = C
70-79 = B

Those ranges do included the - and + but I am not sure of those at the moment. :)

Any questions let me know!!! anything you might want to add, also let me know!! :)

-Caitlin xoxox

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Blog Coming Soon!!

Hey Guys! Oh man it has been forever!
While I am writing this blog because I have decided to do something new with my blog since I don't update it enough :P

I am going to make it a REVIEW BLOG! 
So basically, I am going to review every product I get and I will make up a rating system for it. :)
Although, I haven't done that yet. :) But I will soon. I just came up with the idea so :P

I have made a list of products I already want to review so keep a look out for them :)
I will post on my twitter when I post a new review so follow me there if you aren't already. And if i really like the product, I will go out and buy another one and do a GIVEAWAY! 

I am hoping eventually when I get enough subscribers on my youtube, enough followers on here and twitter I can do a giveaway every month with the best products of that month or something! :)

Good Idea? Let me know! :)

-Caitlin xoxo

PS. I am at:
480 subscribers on youtube (giveaway at 1000)
38 followers on twitter
7 followers on my blog