Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I hate my hair.! :(

Okay so... I am sitting on the floor at my dads doing my hair in front of my mirror. And it is really pissing me off. :P

No matter how much i take care of it. it does not grow. which means if i want long hair i need to spend $100 + on hair extensions. (which i have ordered and are on their way home soon!) and we are not all rich enough to get fusion hair extensions every 4 months like some people... 

it also gets tangly every 2 seconds. no joke. i brush it. and go to brush it again 2 seconds later and it has knots in it again. :(
it is very fine. and has absolutely NO volume in it. :(

my hair isnt too curly or anything. but it isnt perfectly straight and sometimes i wish it was. so i could just wake up and go.
when i get my extensions (clip in by the way) i might just put them in the night before and hope that they look okay in the morning hehe.  might make me feel like it is natural!

But.. that is all. :)
just wanted to vent about my hair. :D

Anyone else hate their hair? comment below!!! :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

What I Am Thinking... :D

Hey Guys! So for a while now I have wanted to do a make up artist certification program. But the only thing is... it is almost $1500. That is a lottttt of money. I have been too scared to ask my mom about it though. So since I am at my dads tonight I will email her all the details tomorrow and ask. :)

Also, ever since I was like 14, people have been telling me to model. And I don't like being in front of crowds so modelling on a stage is not for me buttt modelling in pictures might be fun. So at the same place they have the certification program, you can apply to be a model. So I might do that too. I just have to send in some pictures of myself and measurements. :D

If you are wondering why I have decided to do all of this at once, it is because me and my boyfriend have recently split up after a year and a half of being together and I think right now I just need to focus on myself. I would love to get the certification so I can work at MAC or a place like that while I go to school. I think that would be amazing. And I do think being a model is a good idea for me but have never had the nerve to do it. So now that I am focusing on myself, I think now is a good time. :)

Next year is my last year of high school, I do not plan to go back because I would like to be a veterinarian and that is 8 more years of school! yahooo! haha
so I really need to focus on my school work and basically myself like I have already said. For the longest time I was letting the break up bring me down and I was holding on to him for no reason. He actually broke up with me for another girl and is now dating her. So I can't hold on to him and hey! if another guy comes around and I end up really liking him, cool..! But for now it is all about me and of course... youtube! haha. 

I love all of my subscribers very very much. you guys make me want to stick in there and keep going! and I will continue to do youtube even when I get super busy.! guess I will just have to tell my mom so I can film when she is home. hehe.
that will come eventually too. :)

But for now... I will stick to asking about the certification program and modelling. haha

Thank you guys soooooooo much.
Talk to you soon!!!!



Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hey guys! I am sooooooo sorry I have not been writing on my blog! I completely forgot about it.! :(

I have been busy catching up on friends ahaha since we didnt hang out like all of july. :(
I went to the beach and stuff. :D

one more thing... me and my boyfriend broke up after a year and a half. :( but oh well.
time to find a new guy! hehe.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day at the Vet: June 29

Hey Guys! So today was my second day at the vet and nothing really happened. :( and old dog came in and is now getting tests and a really skinny cat came in and is also getting tests. The puppy that got spayed yesterday went home. :( And then through out the day there were a couple normal appointments. :P

Really boring update but like i said these are for me to reference too and are a quick read for you guys! :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day at the Vet: June 28

Hey Guys! 
So today was my first day at the vet and it was fun. :)
First I got there and they were working on the one workers dog who wasn't feeling good. 
Later in the day, I got to watch a puppy get spayed. And then afterwards,  a kitten was brought in who got in a fight and her eye was all bloodshot and painful looking. :(

But she is going to get better. We hope. :)
For the rest of the day, we kind of just hung around and we are probably doing the same tomorrow. :)

I am going to be posting these, every day or almost every day for my reference and just in case you guys want to know or are interested in being a vet or something. :)

So this was just a short blog.. but oh well. :)

- Caitlin xoxo

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hey guys! Okay so... Bailey just bit my computer cord AGAIN!
She bit mine before so I bought a new one, last weekend. Yup that didn't last too long at all. :(
So I really have to save money now to buy a new one of those and this pipe stuff to wrap around it.
The pipe stuff isn't expensive though at all.

So ANOTHER update to my project 10 pan. I SWEAR I am not trying to cheat.

-Absolutely NO MORE new products weekly products. I just got 4 weeks worth so no biggy there. :P
-I did change my powder for the lip primer. :)
-ONE MORE CHANGE THOUGH. :) I am going to change my lip gelee for either my cremesheen or my nyc lip gloss. The lip gelee is full and I barely ever use it. Plus you only need a drop every time. I think it is too shimmery for every day wear.

I hope you guys understand. So actually I have 11 products. Because I will be trying to use up either lip glosses! :)

About my GIVEAWAY... I will be contacting the winner this week when I draw out a number. :) And hoping they understand what is going on, will be talking to them and telling them they are probably not getting their products right away. :( I feel HORRIBLE for that but I will using a bit out of every pay cheque to pay for their prize. Guess I should have picked a smaller prize first.. Oh well.


So basically this blog is about my money issues. :( Sorry about that. I just want to let you know what is going on.

I have figured out my co-op schedule and will be able to post more videos then I had expected! :)

So request videos for me to do. :)

-Caitlin xo.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Oh my gosh girls! I am soooo sorry I haven't been posting on here! I have been super busy with school lately because it is almost done! ONE MORE exam tomorrow morning and I am done grade 11. :)

Okay, so if you watched all my recent videos... you know i am working on my project 10 pan and that it isnt getting very far. So i mentioned swapping out a product and swapping one in. :) 
I am pretty sure i might do this. So i would be taking out the loreal face powder and putting in the prep and prime lip by mac. :)
I really just don't like the powder compared to my skin finish. so that is why :)

I did post an outfit of the day: work style! :)
You all probably know i work at Aeropostale. :) and yes i have to wear the clothes. so i will post pictures of the outfit now :)

here is another outfit i wore a different day to work ! :)


One day I went to Wonderland with my physics class so here are some hideous photos of me and jason.  :) 
PS. these were taken at the end of the day after all the rides. :)



I will be doing a couple tag videos. :) I was thinking about doing the 30 day video challenge but i might do that after july because i have stuff going on every single day in july! :( maybe i can do a video about what is going on. since i wont have very many videos! :( hmmm good idea ! :)

Uhm i did mention that products weekly videos will probably be on hold for a bit because i feel like i am cheating on project 10 pan. :O :(
and i cant feel like that :) so those might be every once and a while.

I might be doing some VLOGS because of what i am doing in july. :)

OBVIOUSLY, giveaway winner will be up shortly after the contest ends. :) 2 MORE DAYS TO ENTER! not much longer. :)

So i will try and remember to update this every day or two. :( i suck.


since i cantpost many videos in july, i can post blog posts of what i did that day. let me know after i make the video if you guys are interested :)

WHILE.... talk to you guys soon. :) if you have any requests let me know :)
they are greatly appreciated. :D

And of course... BAILEY! :)


Sunday, May 23, 2010

UPDATE! Sorry Guys! I have been sooo bad lately with youtube. :(

Hey Guys! 
Okay, so you guys probably want to know what is going on!
This weekend I was supposed to go to my friends trailer, but a bunch of stuff happened and i am not going anymore. :(
My room tour video was supposed to go up friday! but I kept falling asleep and so I just went to post it now and it wont go into Imovie! :(

My products weekly video will be filmed and up Tuesday. 
Something will be different about it this week though. I did not buy a product this week. I will be doing something else but stay tuned for that. :)
(I need money this week for Bailey's vet visit)

This week's upcoming videos are: 
-Products Weekly
-Hair Tutorial
-New Series Intro
-Room Tour
-Another Products Weekly
-Follow Me Around video?

One More Thing::

I am at 76 subscribers! :D
Only 24 More till my giveaway!
So if you like my videos, subscribe
if you already are, tell your friends ! :D

I will probably say this a million times, but thank you guys soo much for being there for me and following my channel. It means so much to me. I have so much going on right now and I know I can sign into youtube and smile! :)

Daily Bailey! :D

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Top 10 Lip Products!

Hey Guys! So here are my top 10 lip products. I decided to pick 5 lip glosses and 5 lipsticks. :) Be sure to check out the swatches below and if you have any questions about colours or anything, let me know! :) 

[All of the products are MAC]

Monday, May 17, 2010

Project 10 Pan!

Hey guys! So I realized that I should start using up some old products and also save a bit of money. So I decided to do project 10 pan!
One condition: I can still buy products for "Products Weekly" but I cannot pick them :)

So my products are:

1. Studio Finish Concealer
2. Loreal Super Blendable Powder
3. Loreal Infallible Foundation
4. Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer
5. Naked Lunch Eye Shadow
6. All That Glitters Eye Shadow
7. Angel Lipstick
8.Moonstone Lip Gelee
9. Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara
10. Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray

So I will keep you guys updated on that! :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Top 12 Eyeshadows!

Hey Guys! So here are the swatches of my top 12 eyeshadows!
Some you cannot see very well, like bisque, shroom and naked lunch. so sorry about that.

Hope you guys enjoy! Any Questions, let me know! :)


Saturday, May 15, 2010

NYX Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencils Haul!

Hey Guys! So I have heard a lot about the NYX jumbo eye shadow pencils. I could not decide what colours to get so i decided to get all of them :) Here are some pictures and swatches. :) 
If you have any questions just let me know. :)

Nail Polish Haul!

Hey Guys! So my nail polish haul arrived from It came in 3 days. so that is really fast. :) 

First off I just want to say I am normally a lot neater when painting my nails. :) I was going quick and it didn't really matter if it was neat because it was coming off anyways. :) I just wanted to show the colours to you. :)

So here are the colours in the bottle : 

Towel Boy Toy, Yellow Polka Dot, Kiwi Coolada, Pool Party, Flip Flop Fantasy, Sun Worshiper

Give Me A Coral Sometime, Call My Cell-ery, Lincoln Park After Dark, Dating a Royal

Who the Shrek Are You?, Funky Dunkey, Fiercely Fiona, What's With the Cattitude?, Rumple's Wiggin, Ogre-the-Top Blue

Here they are on my nails, once again ignore the horrible paint job. :) All had 2 coats, except "Yellow Polka Dot" which had 3. :) 
[Flash and no flash]

flip flop fantasy, sun worshiper, pool party, yellow polka dot

dating a royal, call my cell-ery, towel boy toy, kiwi coolada

give me a coral sometime, lincoln park after dark, ogre-the-top blue, what's with the cattitude

rumple's wiggin, funky dunkey, who the shrek are you, fiercely fiona

Now for Comparisons.:) 
Spontaneous, Funky Dunkey, Grape Pop

Lemon Fizz, Fiercely Fiona

Ogre-the-Top Blue, Sky High Top

Light as Air, Rumple's Wiggin

In the Lime Light, Kiwi Coolada

And Of Course... BAILEY!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hey Guys! So I thought I would update you on some of my upcoming videos! 

- Wavy Hair Tutorial
- (Surprise) Haul
- Face Routine
- (Surprise) Haul 2
- Intro to Another Video Series
- Plush Lash Review

These are all the videos I have lined up. They won't necessarily be in that order though. Any other requests just let me know. :)





Outfit of the Day: May 11

Hey guys! So yesterday I posted a video of my outfit of the day. The outfit was not something I normally wear to school so I thought I would share it. 

It was very simple. Just a long black sweater, grey tunic, leggings, flats and of course accessorized. 




Email Me:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mini Lush Haul!

Okay! So I am finally caught up in my blogs! 
Yesterday I went to Lush and picked up a couple things. 

Tomorrow is mother's day so I decided to pick up the "Mums." They are just flower shaped bath bombs put onto a stick. My favourite is the pink one it smells really good. :) 

Then I got the "You've Been Mangoed" bath melt. It smells amazing. I haven't had a bath yet, I just rub the bath melt in my hands and use is as a moisturizer. :)

I do plan to get more Lush goodies soon. So stay tuned!


New Collection of Videos: Products Weekly!

Hey Guys! So I am going to be starting a new collection of videos called Products Weekly!

How it works: 
So every week I will be choosing a new product and testing it out for that week. After the week is done I will do a review on it. The review will consist of my thoughts, the price, where you can get it and if it is worth buying or not.

So for my first one I choose the Loreal Lash Boosting Serum. (Around $16 canadian)

I think this product is amazing. It makes my eye lashes very healthy looking. It made them a bit longer, since I already have long eye lashes. It made them fuller and more spread out. The only thing I don't like is the price. I think for the little bottle it is kind of expensive, although it does last a long time.