Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day at the Vet: June 29

Hey Guys! So today was my second day at the vet and nothing really happened. :( and old dog came in and is now getting tests and a really skinny cat came in and is also getting tests. The puppy that got spayed yesterday went home. :( And then through out the day there were a couple normal appointments. :P

Really boring update but like i said these are for me to reference too and are a quick read for you guys! :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day at the Vet: June 28

Hey Guys! 
So today was my first day at the vet and it was fun. :)
First I got there and they were working on the one workers dog who wasn't feeling good. 
Later in the day, I got to watch a puppy get spayed. And then afterwards,  a kitten was brought in who got in a fight and her eye was all bloodshot and painful looking. :(

But she is going to get better. We hope. :)
For the rest of the day, we kind of just hung around and we are probably doing the same tomorrow. :)

I am going to be posting these, every day or almost every day for my reference and just in case you guys want to know or are interested in being a vet or something. :)

So this was just a short blog.. but oh well. :)

- Caitlin xoxo

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hey guys! Okay so... Bailey just bit my computer cord AGAIN!
She bit mine before so I bought a new one, last weekend. Yup that didn't last too long at all. :(
So I really have to save money now to buy a new one of those and this pipe stuff to wrap around it.
The pipe stuff isn't expensive though at all.

So ANOTHER update to my project 10 pan. I SWEAR I am not trying to cheat.

-Absolutely NO MORE new products weekly products. I just got 4 weeks worth so no biggy there. :P
-I did change my powder for the lip primer. :)
-ONE MORE CHANGE THOUGH. :) I am going to change my lip gelee for either my cremesheen or my nyc lip gloss. The lip gelee is full and I barely ever use it. Plus you only need a drop every time. I think it is too shimmery for every day wear.

I hope you guys understand. So actually I have 11 products. Because I will be trying to use up either lip glosses! :)

About my GIVEAWAY... I will be contacting the winner this week when I draw out a number. :) And hoping they understand what is going on, will be talking to them and telling them they are probably not getting their products right away. :( I feel HORRIBLE for that but I will using a bit out of every pay cheque to pay for their prize. Guess I should have picked a smaller prize first.. Oh well.


So basically this blog is about my money issues. :( Sorry about that. I just want to let you know what is going on.

I have figured out my co-op schedule and will be able to post more videos then I had expected! :)

So request videos for me to do. :)

-Caitlin xo.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Oh my gosh girls! I am soooo sorry I haven't been posting on here! I have been super busy with school lately because it is almost done! ONE MORE exam tomorrow morning and I am done grade 11. :)

Okay, so if you watched all my recent videos... you know i am working on my project 10 pan and that it isnt getting very far. So i mentioned swapping out a product and swapping one in. :) 
I am pretty sure i might do this. So i would be taking out the loreal face powder and putting in the prep and prime lip by mac. :)
I really just don't like the powder compared to my skin finish. so that is why :)

I did post an outfit of the day: work style! :)
You all probably know i work at Aeropostale. :) and yes i have to wear the clothes. so i will post pictures of the outfit now :)

here is another outfit i wore a different day to work ! :)


One day I went to Wonderland with my physics class so here are some hideous photos of me and jason.  :) 
PS. these were taken at the end of the day after all the rides. :)



I will be doing a couple tag videos. :) I was thinking about doing the 30 day video challenge but i might do that after july because i have stuff going on every single day in july! :( maybe i can do a video about what is going on. since i wont have very many videos! :( hmmm good idea ! :)

Uhm i did mention that products weekly videos will probably be on hold for a bit because i feel like i am cheating on project 10 pan. :O :(
and i cant feel like that :) so those might be every once and a while.

I might be doing some VLOGS because of what i am doing in july. :)

OBVIOUSLY, giveaway winner will be up shortly after the contest ends. :) 2 MORE DAYS TO ENTER! not much longer. :)

So i will try and remember to update this every day or two. :( i suck.


since i cantpost many videos in july, i can post blog posts of what i did that day. let me know after i make the video if you guys are interested :)

WHILE.... talk to you guys soon. :) if you have any requests let me know :)
they are greatly appreciated. :D

And of course... BAILEY! :)