Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hey guys! Okay so... Bailey just bit my computer cord AGAIN!
She bit mine before so I bought a new one, last weekend. Yup that didn't last too long at all. :(
So I really have to save money now to buy a new one of those and this pipe stuff to wrap around it.
The pipe stuff isn't expensive though at all.

So ANOTHER update to my project 10 pan. I SWEAR I am not trying to cheat.

-Absolutely NO MORE new products weekly products. I just got 4 weeks worth so no biggy there. :P
-I did change my powder for the lip primer. :)
-ONE MORE CHANGE THOUGH. :) I am going to change my lip gelee for either my cremesheen or my nyc lip gloss. The lip gelee is full and I barely ever use it. Plus you only need a drop every time. I think it is too shimmery for every day wear.

I hope you guys understand. So actually I have 11 products. Because I will be trying to use up either lip glosses! :)

About my GIVEAWAY... I will be contacting the winner this week when I draw out a number. :) And hoping they understand what is going on, will be talking to them and telling them they are probably not getting their products right away. :( I feel HORRIBLE for that but I will using a bit out of every pay cheque to pay for their prize. Guess I should have picked a smaller prize first.. Oh well.


So basically this blog is about my money issues. :( Sorry about that. I just want to let you know what is going on.

I have figured out my co-op schedule and will be able to post more videos then I had expected! :)

So request videos for me to do. :)

-Caitlin xo.


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